2007: American Graphic Design Award Winner – 2007 CRN Media Kit; HP Printing & Imaging special inserts
2006: American Graphic Design Award Winner – 2006 CRN Media Kit; Toshiba B2B Mobility Special Report Advertorial
2006: Business Marketing Awards Winner – 2006 CRN Media Kit
2003: American Graphic Design Award Winner for 2003 CRN Media Kit
2002: Finalist in 2002 Creative Excellence in Business Advertising (CEBA) Awards for CRN Channel Champions ad campaign (series of 3 ads)
2000: BOLI Award for Maritime Aquarium brochure


MARCH 2009: BPM web page for IBM
"THANK YOU SO MUCH! This looks great, I can’t wait to show it to the client on our call tomorrow. You did a wonderful job!."
"The client meeting went very well today, they really like the design… Thanks for all your hard work!"
—Angela Duarte, IBM Database Magazine, TechWeb

MARCH 2009: Design Central web site
"Thanks for all accomplished thusfar, it’s been a lot of work and greatly appreciated."
— Brian A. McClean, Director of Marketing Design, UBM Design Central

"Deb the site looks amazing. Great job overall."
— Camille Verde, Art Director, UBM Design Central

FEB 2009: Next Level eNewsletter
"Hey Deb you knocked this outta the park."
— Dan Neel, Director of Marketing and Custom Content, Everything Channel

JAN 2009: Innovation in Banking Web Page
"This is REALLLLLLLYYYYYYYY cool! Its awesome! I’ll circulate it amongst the troops on Tuesday. Thanks so much Deb!!!"
— Michelle Somers, Senior Manager, Integrated Marketing Programs, Financial Technology Group, TechWeb

SEPTEMBER 2008: TotalPro Ads
"GREAT WORK. The images are even more impactful than I had imagined."
—Mario X. Carrasco, Marketing Manager, TechNet and MSDN Magazines l Microsoft Technology Network

SEPTEMBER 2008: Google Web Banners
"Hi Deb, We all love it… these look great."
— Imran Suleman

SEPTEMBER 2008: Integrated Media Sell Sheet
"Deb thanks…Everyone (Lisa Mack, Sully, Dan D, et al), are EXTREMELY impressed by it. As always, Deb, freakin' excellent job."
— Dan Neel, Director of Marketing and Custom Content, Everything Channel

AUGUST 2008: Fujitsu Insert
"Thanks all for your hard work and helping me keep the ball rolling."
— Regina M. Fortuniewicz, Program Manager, Everything Channel

"Aside from Reg’s note, just wanna say 'awesome'. You are the best."
— Dan Neel, Director of Marketing and Custom Content, Everything Channel

JULY 2008: Smart Enterprise Exchange Invitations
"You’re a rock star! Thanks so much Debra!!!"
— Alyson McDermott, Event Manager, InformationWeek Business Technology Network, TechWeb

JULY 2008: Cloud Computing Spread, Landing Page and Web Banners
"This layout is a big hit with all the reviewers."
— Hanna Hurley, BaySide Media

"Oh man, that is one cool unit!!! I love it!!!! These are really gorgeous!!! Thank you so much."
— Patricia Schnaidt, BaySide Media

APRIL 2008: Executive Insights
"Debbie – on first look, this looks fantastic! I really like it. Thank you for the quick turnaround."
— Katrina Schultz, Director, Integrated Marketing Programs, TechWeb

MARCH 2008: ChannelWeb Online Tools Ad
"Hey Debra. I just wanted to say thank you very much for your responsiveness in creating the online tools ad in 2 days! I think it looks great and will really help us brand our services!
— Greg Slote, Marketing Director, CMP Channel

NOVEMBER 2007: bMighty Welcome Ad
" I've finally gathered all input from the team, and the response is overwhelmingly that . . . we love it! Excellent job on the Welcome ad.
Everyone really likes it - no additional comments from us."
— Katrina Schultz, Director, Marketing Project Management, InformationWeek & TechWeb Network Marketing Services

OCTOBER 2007: CRN Top 25 ExecutivesTemplate
"So perfect it's ridiculous.. THANKS!"
–Dan Neel, Marketing Director, CMP Channel

JUNE 2007: Channel Group CapabilitiesSpread Ad
"Deb I think for the lack of time that was given you, and content that was thrown together you did a GREAT JOB on the design and turning this around so quickly."
— Brian A. McClean, Director of Marketing Design, CMP Design Central

"AMAZING job as per usual from you."
— Kate Spellman, Marketing Director, CMP Channel Group

MAY 2007: HP Printing & Imaging Inserts
"Congrats on the award for the Printing & Imaging series! I thought these were pretty great — and constantly told HP that too."
— Todd Hyten, Project Manager, CMP Integrated Marketing Solutions

JANUARY 2007: CRN Media Kit
"Wanted to let you know that I had a bunch of calls this week and many of my clients commented on how nice they looked. The white and silver is very clean and pops out! Also I really like the folder with the insert so other things can be included, like proposals and audits etc. THANKS!"
— Lauren Goldstein, Strategic Account Director, CRN

OCTOBER 2006: CRN Hall of Fame Event
"Debbie - thanks for once again being a star."
— Gordon Plutsky, Group Marketing Director, CMP Channel Group

MAY 2005: Toshiba Special Report
"I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent support we received in the development of the first ever, special edition of CRN and VARBusiness, acknowledging Toshiba’s pioneering contribution to portable computing. Your CMP team is a credit to the professionalism of your organization. Although we had a very challenging production schedule, everyone worked together in a most effective manner, enabling us to meet the deadline."
— Darren McGeorge, Sr. Marketing Communications and Programs Manager, Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc.

AUGUST 2003: CRN Media Kit
"Congratulations Deb! We knew it was a winner! Thank you for all the hard work!"
—Lisa Mackenzie, Publisher, CRN

DECEMBER 2001: CRN Media Kit
"Congratulations to all for the most amazing media kit and what a cost! It looks like it is worth millions. I'm really hearing rave reviews."
— Kate Spellman, Marketing Director, CMP Channel Group

OCTOBER 2001: CRN 20th Anniversary Logo
"Okay here it is... After many weeks of deliberation and testing we have selected a CRN 20th anniversary logo which we want to use in Print and electronic form. There were so many exellent logos submitted—you all did a wonderful job!! We had a very difficult task in selecting one. Any number of the finalists would work well. The winning logo was designed by Debbie Cassa, from TSG marketing."
— Gene Fedele, Design Director, CMP Channel Group